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Upcoming NexusEQ Conference (including Youth Conference) – June 24-26, 2013

The 2013 NexusEQ Conference is a major leadership conference scheduled to take place on the Harvard Medical School campus on June 24-26, 2013. This conference is a powerful conference on using emotion to catalyze a prosperous, vibrant, compassionate future and is being organized by Six Seconds and the Institute for Negotiation, Leadership and Diplomacy (INLD).

The conference is supporting the INLD program for underprivileged teens learning the negotiation and leadership skills for the future. Students and young people are invited as the conference will include a focus on enhancing student achievement, motivation, and safety by integrating social emotional learning. All delegates and attendees are invited to bring their children and/or students, ages 9+ and to participate in activities that support future change makers.

NexusEQ is about the unique intersection of science and practice – of neuroscience, leadership, and learning. NexusEQ delivers exceptional speakers in an emotionally intelligent forum for dialogue, collaboration, and learning.  Around the world there is a groundswell recognizing the power and importance of emotional intelligence – the skills to identify, understand, and appropriately use feelings.  These critical skills assist communication, self-direction, problem-solving, learning, creativity, and decision-making.

NEXUSEQ is an unusual conference. Not just theory and talking heads – it delivers practical science + inspiration + tools + wisdom.

Leaders, Learning and Development Professionals, Educators, EQ Practitioners, Scholars, and youth (ages 9+) are invited to
share best practices, the latest science, and renewed commitment in the world’s premier emotional intelligence conference.

Delegates will walk away with:
• new perspectives,
• the latest research on EQ,
• practical strategies to gain value from emotional intelligence.
Keynote speakers include:

  1. Peter Salovey – President of Yale University
  2. Herbert Benson - Harvard Medical School Professor
  3. Anabel Jensen - Six Seconds President
  4. Myles Munroe – International Third World Association, Bahamas
  5. Wendy Wu - New Leaders, China
  6. Deborah Ahenkorah - Golden Baobab, Ghana
  7. Daniel Shapiro - Harvard Law & Harvard Medical Professor
  8. Tony Wagner - Harvard Innovation Institute
  9. Marco Iacoboni - UCLA Professor
  10. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang - USC Professor
  11. Joshua Freedman - Six Seconds COO

and many more remarkable experts.



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