Andre Bisasor is the President and Founder of The Institute for Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy (INLD), a Boston-based non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to advance the knowledge and application of negotiation theory and practice in the context of leadership, strategy and diplomacy, and that focuses on solutions to identity-based conflict for urban youth, as well as for minorities and other non-profit/social enterprise organizations. Andre is a Harvard-trained negotiation specialist who also serves as a negotiation and conflict resolution educator with advanced dispute resolution skills.

Andre is also the founder of the Negotiation & Leadership Conference at Harvard University, broadly recognized as one of the largest and most influential gatherings of thought leaders on negotiation in the world.  Through working with top scholars at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (such as Thomas Schelling, Howard Raiffa, William Ury, Larry Susskind, Jeswald Salacuse, Dan Shapiro, Michael Wheeler, Eric Green, John Richardson, Ben Heineman, Preston Williams and Chris Voss), Andre developed several ground-breaking programs at Harvard University that explored the impact of race, religion, culture and youth on conflict and negotiation outcomes. These programs also pioneered the examination of the development of interpersonal negotiation skills among minorities.  His work has also focused on other cutting-edge areas in the field such as strategy and ethics in negotiations, high-stakes and difficult negotiations,  and social, emotional & spiritual intelligence in negotiations. These programs have equipped thousands of participants both in the US as well as internationally including Poland, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel, Canada, China, Jamaica, and many other countries. Andre’s work has been featured several times on NBC/WHDH as well as in the Harvard Gazette and the Harvard Crimson newspapers.

Andre’s professional experience also includes work in the venture capital field where he negotiated/structured “seed-stage” capital for multimillion dollar projects.  With experience in strategy and business consulting, he has served as board director, developed business plans for clients, engaged in deal transaction negotiations and delivered on marketing strategy development. His experience includes work for Andersen Consulting, Terrafly (a joint venture between NASA and The National Science Foundation), Dell, Cingular and AT&T Wireless. Andre also has hands-on public service experience as a teacher/tutor to disadvantaged, inner-city, high-school students in the Miami-Dade public school system via the federally-funded GEAR-UP initiative (a program similar to Teach For America). In addition, Andre has consulted at the board level with social enterprise/non-profit organizations in Jamaica dedicated to transforming the impoverished communities of Kingston.

Throughout his negotiations career, Andre has worked with several celebrities, and newsmakers including Tony Robbins, Mitch Kapor, Steve Stoute, Randall Pinkett, Kwame Jackson and Myles Munroe. He has also worked with several high-level government officials including from the Obama administration, the government of South Africa and the government of Jamaica. Andre has also been involved in numerous high-level negotiations with a variety of organizations ranging from fortune 500 companies and national governments to academic institutions and non-profit organizations. Dynamic and captivating, Andre also is a featured speaker at a number of conferences and events around the country.

Andre is a former Student Government President at Harvard University, representing 15,000 students at the division of continuing education (and is the first black male to be so elected in its history) and is also a former representative for the Harvard Graduate Council, a representative body for the 13 graduate and professional schools across Harvard. Andre is also the founder of the Harvard Great Debate and has been involved in formal academic debates in theology and philosophy (including with distinguished Harvard faculty such as Harvey Cox).

Andre has a BA in Theology from ORU with expertise in hermeneutics. He also holds an MBA in Marketing and MSc in Finance from Florida International University. He is currently completing further graduate studies in management at Harvard University.