Our Mission

The Institute for Negotiation Leadership and Diplomacy is a social enterprise organization based in Boston whose mission is to advance the knowledge and application of negotiation theory and practice in the context of leadership, strategy and diplomacy, and that focuses on solutions to identity-based conflict including educational training in conflict resolution, negotiations and strategy/leadership development for primarily urban youth as well as for minorities and other non-profit/social enterprise organizations.


Our vision and mission are as follows:

  • Vision:

    To be the preeminent provider of negotiation services primarily to the identity-based segments of the negotiation services market including disadvantaged urban youth and minority workers. We also seek to assist other non-profit/social entrepreneurship organizations

  • Mission:

    To achieve our vision by a social entrepreneurship approach, by leveraging connections with schools and community organizations and by developing cutting edge scholarship and thought leadership in these under-studied areas

Our core focus includes:

  • First, training for urban youth in negotiations and conflict resolution
  • Second, training for minorities in negotiating identity-based conflict
  • Third, training for non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs in negotiation skills needed to navigate the special challenges they face in order to succeed