Youth Programs

Our passion is to become the premier service provider of negotiation services primarily for disadvantaged youth. We desire to help urban youth (both in the US as well as in third world countries) develop life skills in order to succeed in their careers, business efforts and personal lives.

Our youth programs are designed to introduce students to conflict resolution and negotiation from an early age where there is a good chance for it to take root, with the goal of developing a new generation of empowered negotiators who are able to tackle the world most pressing problems. We also focus on preparing students to take advantage of entrepreneurship and other career opportunities through teaching negotiation as an economic empowerment tool. We also prepare the youth to deal with various issues and sources of potential conflict in their own lives including school bullying, cyber-bullying and other domestic problems.  This involves training our youth in proven negotiation processes, based on understanding, collaboration, trust and relationship building, that decrease the high cost of conflict, and increase opportunities for positive development.

Our negotiation model is the distillation and practical application of years of research and development at Harvard including the Negotiation & Leadership Conference at Harvard University. For over 5 years, we have offered training to help students at Harvard and the Cambridge-community build their negotiation strengths and foster a more harmonious and productive learning or work environment.  Our strengths include:

  • Negotiation and conflict resolution training for emerging leaders and youth in urban communities
  • Design and implement high-impact learning systems tailored for at risk youth
  • Create a culture of collaboration by guiding and training youth to engage in dialogue, negotiate and partner
  • Coaching to help youth manage difficult situations and people
  • Policy research in under-studied areas of negotiations

Special Youth Outreach Conference Initiative:

Through our special urban youth outreach conference initiative, we offer a special opportunity to sponsor high-school  students to attend the Negotiation & Leadership Conference at Harvard University. This is an experimental initiative for high school students, particularly those in the public schools and in the urban community. This initiative is geared towards exposing urban youth not only to the Harvard academic environment so that they can aspire to achieve a great education for themselves but to also expose them to the same tools and techniques that academia and corporate America is using in negotiations and conflict resolution. We offer a select limited number of such students the chance to attend the event for free including lunch and refreshments, as well as an opportunity to interact and learn from high-level speakers and mentors at certain points throughout the event. The students will have a teacher or administrator from their school or program as their overseer at the event. The selected students are those who show leadership promise/potential and want to learn more about the subject matter. This program is intended to motivate the youth to achieve their potential at a young age.